Dienstag, 1. März 2011

we no speak americano

Stressful day today. So right now I am starving and very tired. I don't really feel like writing a novel here. ;) Maybe some of you have already recognized that I am no text-blogger. I prefer the pictures. Also on other blogs I normally just watch the shots. But to do some smalltalk however: the weather was really fine today as you can see on the outfit-shots. Perfect for the start of march. But now, let me eat something! bye :) xx

skirt: stradivarius // jeans-shirt: zara // waistcoat: only // fringe-boots: vintage // bag: h&m // headband: vintage


  1. Love the photos, those quotes in your pictures are always so true!!

  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I love looking at pics as well, espesh really personal ones. Although I have a tumblr but reblogging others pictures isn't really what I do.
    I have to follow you now haha. I'm really into photography as well and it's such a great way to express yourself and capture all the beauty around you isn't it! Oh and btw did I tell you that I was born in Germany? Ich sprech auch Deutsch haha