Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011


I am back again. It was really no holiday-trip in Berlin. We rushed from one museum to the other, bombed with history and information. Outside it was freaking cold, I didn't feel like photographing because your fingers seemed to drop off  in seconds because of the icy wind. In the evening we prefered staying in those little comfortable bars instead of  walking around and see something of the city. It was just too cold. But however it was nice and interesting but I need to be in Berlin in summer once again. ;) xx

coat: vintage // shorts: h&m // necklaces: h&m // bag: h&m

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

sometimes I wonder what's going through your mind when you see me

This will be my last post before I'm off to Berlin for nearly a week. I'm really looking forward to it! Saturday afternoon I will be in one of the greatest cities in Germany!!! :) Have a great weekend! (okay, you still have to survive friday. But you nearly made it ;)) xx nany 

skirt: zara // jeans-shirt: zara // tee: h&m // necklace: h&m // bag: h&m