Freitag, 16. September 2011

I Will Dance When I Walk Away


As of late holidays are over and yes I have some kind of a homecoming blues looking at those photographs. The last weeks I was anywhere but home. I really needed a complete break from everything well-known around me. So this is the reason why I did not blog for such a long time. I am sorry!
These shots developed in the south of France, the background scene “la Méditerranée”. You could nearly say it’s my second home over there. My father once figured out that I spent about nine month of my life in France. If I could I would immediately make one year out of it. But not every wish is supposed to come true, isn’t it?!!
 This was the first week of my last year in school, probably the most important one. I look at it with mixed feelings. Knowing that I should enjoy the last year of “the best time of your life” (quotation of every mum, isn’t it??^^), on the other hand I want to make fast work of the A-Levels to take a completely new line.
Now I’m going to leave you with some music. It isn’t supposed to match the photos. It’s just the song that is spinning in my head all day. xx nany ;) 

dress: pimkie // sandals: deichmann // bag: tally weijl