Montag, 14. Februar 2011


It's every year one of my biggest anticipations: to photography the first flowers. They are the sign for spring and finally the warmth. So here they are: small and inconsiderable. You can even overlook them in our garden. But this is what I love about photographing: you can make something so small and unimpressive big and beautiful.

dress: zara // bow-necklace: h&m // bag: h&m // waistcoat: only // boots: pimkie


  1. ich könnt mir den ganzen tag deine fotos anschauen, die sind echt spitze :)

  2. sehr schöne photos & ich mag den Pullover mit der schleife :-)

  3. this is so much perfect!

  4. richtig toller blog und wundervolle foto's !
    besuch doch mal mein blog (: